Research: Ongoing complexity projects

Understand onset of common mental health disorders

How can complexity modelling tools successfully be applied and explored to understand the onset and maintenance of common mental health disorders like depression in order to explore new targets for prevention and treatment?

For ongoing complexity projects with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), see the IAS website.

Snippet of interview with Mental Elf on mental health and interdisciplinarity.


My research program focuses on common mental health disorders (depression, anxiety). I study potentially modifiable etiological factors of onset and recurrence/chronicity using a interdisciplinary complexity approach in order to explore new targets for prevention and treatment and relapse prevention (Institute of Advanced Studies fellow, UvA).

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I’m a lecturer and I have experience with curriculum development at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and post-doctoral.
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Clinical psychologist

I’m a registered clinical psychologist, CBT supervisor, Psychotherapist and Health Psychologist.