Publications in press

Arjada, R., Nauta, M. H., Scholte, W. F., Hollon, S. D., Chowdhary, N., Suryani, A. O., Uiterwaal, C. S. P. M., Bockting, C. L. H. (in press). Internet-based behavioural activation for depression with lay counsellor support: a randomised clinical trial in Indonesia. Lancet Psychiatry.


Talk about embracing the complexity of mental disorders from personalised models to universal approaches.


My research program focuses on severe depressive disorder and related common mental health disorders.
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I’m a dedicated lecturer and I have experience with curriculum development at all levels:¬†undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and post-doctoral.
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Clinical psychologist

I’m a registered clinical psychologist, CBT supervisor, Psychotherapist and Health Psychologist.